“Visual communication is universal and international; it knows no limits of tongue, vocabulary, or grammar, and it can be perceived by the illiterate as well as by the literate.” -György Kepes

Upon observing an image, the viewer wonders, “What is it?“ and “What is the meaning?” The mind needs to make sense of the world. In order to understand, one must call forth associations and use what is already known to gain meaning of the unknown. The viewer experiences competing perceptions when viewing an image. A person’s age, beliefs, culture, educational background, experiences, expectations, interests, memories, religious background, and values all drive perception and will create a bias towards what one sees.  The observer is forced to challenge their preconceived perceptions and provide their own conclusion.

Christina Macal is a proud Houstonian, who graduated from the University of Texas at Austin with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Studio Art. Her paintings are an investigation of material and repetitive forms that result to a fixated circle. Inspired by the intricacies of creating imagery, she has developed various mark making techniques and application processes. They engage color, shape, and texture in a complex play of patterns and combinations through methodical experimentation. Her photography is a response to our surroundings. Through the act of waiting, patterns and subtle variations can be found in the everyday. The way we carry ourselves, including our possessions, is representative of our inner being.